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Students may apply to enter the IB pathway at multiple points up to beginning Year 11. Please click on the link to obtain more information and forms for your scenario:

Mountain Creek State High School (MCSHS)​ Year 9 student applying to enter Year 10 prep program

Application forms​ (PDF, 672KB)​ are available for Year 9 students entering the Year 10 prep program. An overview of the process is outlined below.

Term 2

  • IB Coordinator visits classes to inform students about the IB Diploma Program (IBDP) and the Year 10 preparatory program.
  • Expression of Interest Form for the International Baccalaureate  (IB)​ pathway open for submissions.
  • IB Info Stall at ECP attended by current IB students and teachers.
  • Prospective students in Year 9 invited to IB events with current IB students.
  • Preliminary/trial subject selection to gauge interest and numbers in particular subjects. IB subject selection handbook available to assist with this.
  • Application forms available for download or printed copies from Admin front counter. Applications due Term 3, Week 3, Wednesday, July 28.

Term 3

  • Parent–Parent, Student-Student Information evening Week 3, Monday, July 26 at MCSHS Careers Night
  • Applications due by Week 3, Wednesday, July 28
  • Interviews occur in Week 4
  • Successful applicants informed by Week 5, Monday, August 2.
  • ECP meeting with IB subject selection
  • Round 2 applications due by Wednesday, September 1
  • Round 2 interviews Week 9, Wednesday, September 8

Term 4

  • Late applications received and processed
  • Events for accepted Year 9 IB applicants throughout term
  • Week 10 - Year 9 into 10 IB activities​

Mountain Creek State High School (MCSHS)​ ​Year 10 non-IB student applying to transfer to Year 10 prep program

Applications are welcome throughout the year from MCSHS Year 10 students not in the Preparatory Program for the IB pathway. Application forms are available here or at Admin front counter.

Please email the IB coordinator to discuss further.

External students applying to enter Year 10 prep program or IBDP in Year 11

All external (non-MCSHS) students/parents should please contact the IB coordinator​ to introduce yourselves and so that we can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. We look forward to expanding our IB family!

Year 9 students currently at other schools who wish to apply for entry to the Year 10 preparatory program for the IB pathway at Mountain Creek SHS should follow the timeline and procedure set for internal/Mountain Creek Year 9 students.

Year 10 students are welcome to submit application forms at any stage throughout the year. The sooner we can transition you into the IB pathway, the more advantageous it will be for everyone. Please contact the IB coordinator to discuss your transfer to MCSHS and the IB.

Application forms are available here. They can be submitted along with a scanned work folio via email to the IB coordinator. Alternatively, you can post or hand-deliver hard copies into the Admin front office.

Students enrolling from outside of Mountain Creek State High School may be required to sit the ACER Higher Ability Test.  

Further information about the IB Program and the interview process can be found in FAQs and in the MCSHS IB handbook (PDF, 905KB)​.

Entry Criteria—How are students evaluated for the IBDP? Who should do the IB?

The IBDP offers a rigorous secondary education that provides not only excellent preparation for all tertiary pathways but life beyond high school in general. While it places high importance on academic skills, report card success is far from being the only, or even primary, selection criteria, measure of success, or objective of the diploma program.

As such, while students will be considered for the IBDP based on academic performance, we also consider non-academic and 'wider academic' skills and capacities, as well as the personal qualities and attitudes which we believe are essential for success in the IBDP and the 21st Century. More important than scholastic achievement right now is the attitude a student takes towards growth, learning from others, failure and perseverance, and intellectual risk-taking. Thus, the IBDP is not only for 'the straight-A students and natural geniuses'—these people too will have their boundaries tested. Rather, the IBDP suits students who enjoy a challenge and the rewards they get for their own hard work; students who are willing to work and learn to expand their horizons beyond their vision with a group of like-minded travellers.

Interested students will complete the IBDP application form, including a written statement entitled 'My Academic Journey'. Applicants will then be invited to show a folio of work that they believe demonstrate student organisation, vision for the future, academic diligence and creativity.  This will include one assignment piece and one recent class exercise book. 

Selected students will be interviewed by a panel of 2 teachers. Selection criteria used during the interview will include:

  • SC1—Motivation, fit and like-mindedness (learner profile)
  • SC2—Personal capabilities
  • SC3—Work ethic

Costs and fees

Under the current Queensland legislation, all schools offering the IB Diploma Programme are required to charge a regulated fee. Payment for the IB Diploma Course at this school has been spread over 3 years, including the Year 10 preparatory program​. The regulated fee includes textbooks and learning resources (similar benefits to the resource management scheme), the cost of IB internal assessment and examination fees.

Students wishing to enrol in the IB Diploma Course can expect to pay approximately $4,500 over the 3 year period (indexed to CPI), plus User Pays Fees. The cost for each year of the course is outlined on individual subject selection forms.

A significant cost ($300–$400) under the User Pays portion will be for the camp that students are expected to attend in either Year 10 or 11. Students routinely regard this as a highly memorable experience and has a substantial positive impact individually and as a cohort.​


Scholarships​ are available to select students to offset the costs of the IB program. These are generously donated by the school's P&C committee. The number and amount of the scholarships may vary each year. They are awarded on one or more critiera of: 

  • Academic Excellence
  • Spirit of the IB
  • Financial hardship
​The 'Spirit of the IB' is encapsulated in the mantra '“I Believe, I Belong, I Become" and exemplified by international-mindedness, community service and global citizenship, a holistic growth mindset, intellectual risk-taking and multi-disciplinary creativity e.g. CAS activities, extra and co-curricula activities, community and school service, the IB Learner Profile, sense of internationalism, integrity.

Scholarship applications are available here .

Progression policy in the IBDP

Students' academic progress, behaviour, effort and attention to homework will be closely monitored throughout the programme. A student who does not meet the rigorous standards required in a particular subject will be asked to show cause and work with their subject teacher to put strategies in place for success.  Students who continue to not meet the standard or do not meet the standard in 2 or more subjects will be required to meet with the IB coordinator to consider their continuing registration in the IBDP. 

Last reviewed 27 October 2021
Last updated 27 October 2021