Why do the IBDP?


​​​​​​​​Some specific points on the value of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)  are found in this document 10 reasons to do the IB (PDF, 7.4MB), as well as in our Mountain Creek State High School (MCSHS) IB brochure. Further points are outlined below.

What makes the International Baccalaureate (IB)​ diploma different?

  • The IB diploma is a comprehensive 2-year international curriculum.
  • The IB diploma is recognised worldwide by all leading universities.
  • The international standard by which the diploma is assessed is applied equally to all schools.
  • The diploma is characterised by a program of rigorous assessment including external examinations.
  • The diploma offers students both breadth and depth of study.
  • The IBDP encourages community service because there is more to learning than academic studies alone.
  • The IB fosters international-mindedness and global perspectives
  • The IBO maintains high standards by actively training and supporting teachers and by authorizing and evaluating IB world schools.
  • The IBO engages independent peer-reviewed research into its own programs to stay at the leading edge of global education practice.

Read more ​about how the IB is diff​erent and unique for various stakeholders: students, teachers, universities and governments.

International Baccalaureate website.

What benefits and advantages do IB diploma holders have?

IB diploma holders:

  • have access to Australia and the world's leading universities. Many universities including University of QueenslandGriffith University and QUT give students advanced standing because of the rigour associated with the IBDP.

Read more about the​ benefits and advantages for various stakeholders: students, teachers, universities and governments.

The IBO has invited research into the positive effect and advantages around the world of the IBDP and IB programs.

International relevance of the IB at MCSHS

Not only do our students work with an international curriculum but they are encouraged through thought and action to develop a global perspective and wider cultural understandings. At MCSHS we offer and would encourage all of our IB students to participate in an overseas experience at some time during the 3 year programme. Some of the trips that have been offered include:

  • Language and cultural trip to Japan
  • Language and cultural trips to Argentina, Spain and Costa Rica
  • Educational and service trips to Cambodia
  • World challenge expeditions to Sabah and Sarawak.

Our programme by its very nature attracts enrolments from overseas students and families with international backgrounds. We have worked with students and families from France, Germany, Switzerland, China, India, New Caledonia, Botswana, Finland, Mexico, Netherlands, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK, USA.

Testimonials and MCSHS survey data

Early in 2021 we conducted a survey of alumni going back as far as 2008. We received over 90 responses from our pool of approximately 400 IBDP graduates—a very high response rate for a voluntary survey with difficulties in tracking alumni.

The general consensus of the survey was overwhelmingly positive. In summary, the survey recognises that while the IB is not for everyone, it is suitable for more people than many think. Furthermore, while there is a variety of experience, as is expected with anything, the outcomes are distinctly highly rewarding, the benefits enduring and the net effect is overtly positive with an 83% average evaluation.

An outline of the survey with testimonials is available here.

Some testimonials are included for easy reference.​

Last reviewed 29 July 2021
Last updated 29 July 2021