Students with additional needs


Mountain Creek State High School has an innovative and highly regarded special education program for students with disabilities. Located within the school community, this program operates from a modern purpose-built facility known as the skill centre.

Two fundamental principles guide the skill centre’s delivery of support services:

  • Developing the personal independence of students though individualised support and guidance.

  • Encouraging students to use their independence skills to reach their individual potential at school and beyond.

The skill centre offers a range of supports and programs, including:

  • In-class support - skill centre staff assist students in a wide range of core academic and elective classes with organisational, social interaction and academic support strategies. Support is focused on Year 8 and 9 students to consolidate the knowledge and skills needed to successfully negotiate sustainable, appropriate pathways in the senior years of schooling.

  • CATAPULT Program - an innovative and award-winning partnership that brings together a wide range of industry experts to work cooperatively towards a single goal – to support the transition of students with disabilities from high school to a sustainable and engaged post-schooling future. Students have opportunities to sample or commence work experience, traineeships, part-time employment, tertiary education, lifestyle and learning programs, and other pathway options before they leave school.

  • Individual learning centre - individualised courses of functional and academic literacy and numeracy to meet the unique needs and aspirations of students. The program is innovative in two key ways: emphasis on self-paced learning; and close monitoring of student progress to ensure identified learning needs are being met. The program includes tutorials to support students with mainstream academic success.

  • Certificate II in Workplace Practices – a nationally-recognised certificate course preparing students for vocational pathways. Students work towards practical and theoretical competency in either horticultural or hospitality strands of the course. Both strands of the course operate as small businesses; the hospitality strand operates a healthy, takeaway food business, while the horticulture strand runs an organic, herb business. These students also have responsibility for small construction projects, landscaping and maintenance of the grounds around the skill centre.

  • Introductory work skills – targeting students in the middle school, this program develops foundational work skills, offering a stepping stone into the Certificate II Course in Workplace Practices. The main work skills developed include workplace health & safety, working effectively in teams, following supervisor’s instructions and developing a productive work ethic to complete tasks. 

  • Making a difference program - applying knowledge and skills in practical settings is an important teaching and learning philosophy of the skill centre.  In this enrichment program, students access a wide range of community facilities to build their social interaction skills, their awareness of local facilities and to proudly give something back to the community.

There are many other programs and opportunities, including life-be-in-it, health & wellbeing, independent living, personal development, challenge camps and much more.

In the first instance, enquiries and enrolment requests should be directed to the head of department – skill centre.

Last reviewed 23 November 2018
Last updated 23 November 2018