​​​The provision of an excellent schooling experience for students in the twenty first century requires a multi-faceted and flexible approach. Our society is characterised by rapid economic change, cultural diversity, pervasive growth in information and communication technology and an increasingly competitive labour market.

Our school curriculum has been planned taking account of these changes, and incorporates the following principles:

  • Teaching strategies and curriculum should focus on the maturity levels of students. The learning and development needs of middle school students (Year 8 & 9) are different to those of senior school students (Years 10, 11 & 12).

  • Students exit Mountain Creek State High School with a ‘worthwhile’ secondary education that prepares them for further education and training or full-time employment.

  • A target pass rate of 87% for student performance is our school benchmark. That is, 87% of students are expected to achieve a minimum of a C standard in all of the subjects they study.

  • A whole school approach to effective learning and teaching, which incorporates a literacy strategy, a numeracy strategy and an information and communication strategy.

  • Achievement of a minimum standard for promotion (prerequisites) from one year level to the next with provisions to achieve minimum standards.

  • Provision of advanced placements in the senior school (e.g. headstart)

  • Targeted programs for university and vocational pathways.

Curriculum structure

Year 8 and 9

Mountain Creek State High School has seen the introduction of three innovative tiers into junior secondary to ensure quality education outcomes for all students. These tiers include the:

  • Zenith program - The program is characterised by accelerated learning and the encouragement of students to study subjects in greater depth. Students in zenith classes will develop rigorous study skills and a real capacity to perform academically. They will be involved in community service projects and enriching extracurricular activities. Such activities will include participating in an array of competitions across a number of faculty areas as well as a greater emphasis placed on reading novels.

  • Middle band

  • Focus group program - Our focus group program has been structured to cater for students who have needed extra support throughout primary school and/or are struggling to achieve good results in Year 8. Hence, the aim of our focus group program is to give students every chance of achieving success in their middle years of schooling.

    Placement of a student into a focus group has the intention of enhancing their numeracy and literacy skills, continuing to develop their social skills, and beginning the journey towards a successful career for when the time comes to leave school. Such classes will have approximately 15 students in them compared to other classes that have up to approximately 28 students.

    Focus group students will have the opportunity to study any subjects in Year 9. However, the level of the core subjects (Maths, English, Science, SOSE/History, HPE) will be aimed at the ability of the student.

Year 10

From 2012 Mountain Creek State High School will begin compliance with the requirements of the Australian Curriculum Reporting and Assessment Authority (ACARA) to mandate the required hours of English, Mathematics, Science and History in Year 10. Therefore the following requirements for Year 10 students will occur:

  1. Students must study 7 subjects in Year 10.

  2. Students must study English, Maths, Science and History as 4 of those subjects for the whole year.

  3. History and Extension History students will complete 1 semester each of History and Geography.

  4. Foundation History students will complete 1 semester of History and 1 semester of Civics and Citizenship.

  5. You must select 2 elective subjects (whole year).

  6. Core Physical Education/Health will be mandatory.

The two elective subjects should be selected according to each student’s career choices, the prerequisites for Year 11 study and prerequisites for tertiary entry.

You must select the subjects that you intend to study in Year 11 & 12 or the prerequisite subjects for Year 11 & 12 study e.g.. If you wish to study Graphics in Year 11 you must choose Graphics in Year 10. Students should plan carefully to ensure they meet the prerequisites for future years.

Year 11 and 12

Students wishing to attend university or complete a diploma course at TAFE are encouraged to select a minimum of 5 authority* subjects.

Students who do not wish to attend university or complete a TAFE Diploma course should consider studying subjects which will provide them with the skills and background to complete an apprenticeship, traineeship or participate in full time work or part-time study and part-time work. This course should be supplemented with a school based apprenticeship or traineeship.

The selection of one English and one Maths subject is mandatory at this school. The remaining subjects should be selected from the relevant strand, according to your career choices or prerequisites for tertiary entry.

Year 11 & 12 parent nights are essential to inform parents of the senior schooling process in the school. Appointments with senior staff in the school (head of senior school, guidance officer etc.) are also sometimes necessary to assist students to make the correct choices.

*Students at this school study 6 subjects in Year 11 and 12.​

Vocation Education and Training (VET)

Education and Career Planning (ECP)

Our extensive ECP program will ensure that students and parents have been adequately briefed to make informed decisions regarding subject selection and that the subjects they select will support their future course of study.

Last reviewed 30 May 2023
Last updated 30 May 2023