Student resource scheme


Mountain Creek State High School operates a Student Resource Scheme (SRS) for years 7 to 12 to:  

  • Minimise the costs to parents/guardians of providing textbooks and other learning resources for their child/ren, by securing discounts, through early payment and bulk ordering.
  • Ensure that an adequate bank of resources is available to guarantee a good quality education for all students.  

This is a service offered by this school and is something that neither the school nor the executive principal is required to do.  There are many schools that do not offer such a service and parents/guardians are forced to carry the full cost of purchasing all learning materials.

The SRS is organised by the school, but overseen by the school finance committee and has the support of the P & C Association. The finance committee is chaired by the principal and has parent and teacher representatives.

The scheme is a co-operative fund generated by the funds received from parents/caregivers. Through P & C endorsement, a textbook & resources allowance is received by the school for year 7 - 10 students of $130 and for years 11 - 12 students of $281.  An additional $315 per student, in Years 7 to 9 and $375 per student in Years 10 to 12 is charged to parents/caregivers who wish to participate in the scheme. 

  • The scheme does not provide any funds for the Parents’ and Citizens’ Association, is entirely voluntary and  parents/guardians are under no obligation to join. 
  • The SRS operates under the policies and guidelines of the Department of Education.  A parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided to the student by the scheme as detailed on the year level requirements list and/or subject requirements list, to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.  
  • Parents wishing to take advantage of the services provided by the SRS,  pay the annual participation fee and sign the relevant form agreeing to the conditions therein. The SRS provides the entire package for the specified participation fee and is not available in part. 

Benefits of joining the SRS  

In addition to the textbook and resource allowance, parents/guardians wishing to take advantage of joining the SRS pay an annual fee (in 2020 this fee will be $375 for years 10, 11 & 12 and $315 for years 7, 8 & 9) and receive  all services, materials and consumables not defined as instruction, administration and facilities for the education of the student at the school which include: 

  • Hire of all prescribed textbooks/e-books for subjects, where applicable.  
  • Reproduced class materials which complement and/or substitute for textbooks.
  • Student reference material through the resource centre (e.g. books; audio/DVD's; Clickview, Oliver, Reading Eggs).  

Other student reference materials including e-learning resources and access to web site subscriptions (which would be costly if paid for on an individual basis but as a bulk registration through the school SRS the cost per student is reduced significantly):  

  • Student journal. 
  • Additional computer software purchased for use in class. 
  • Photocopy costs (classroom materials and workbooks).  
  • Minor equipment and consumable materials for subjects where the instruction is extended through providing practical learning experiences in excess of materials provided by school grants. 
  • Student identification card. 

Text and Resource Allowance (TRA) 

The Queensland Government provides a text and resource allowance for eligible students. With the approval of their Parents’ and Citizen’s Association, schools may be directly provided with this allowance.  As such, Mountain Creek State High School Parents’ and Citizens’ Association has approved the direct payment of the TRA to our school.   

All students are eligible for the text and resource allowance, excluding:    

Students enrolled as full fee paying overseas students (FFOS). 

  • Students enrolled in a Centre for Continuing Secondary Education (CCSE). 
  • Students undertaking part time distance education from a non-state school accredited for distance education. 
  • Students enrolled after the first Friday in August.   

Any student transferring after the end of February from any Queensland secondary school (state or non-state) will be expected to carry a pro rata refund allowance from their departing school to their new school.  Mountain Creek State High School will calculate the pro rata amount and advise parents/guardians of the payment amount due.

Yes, I wish to join the SRS  

The subsidy for a student eligible for the TRA has been taken into consideration, and as such, has reduced the total amount that parents/guardians contribute to the 2020 SRS. The SRS represents excellent value and provides substantial savings to parents/guardians of students in all year levels. The average cost of textbooks is approximately $65.00 each, with some costing over $100.00.  To this end, every effort has been made to contain costs to parents/guardians, whilst ensuring that an adequate bank of resources is available for student use.    

Parents/guardians are asked to complete a Subject Selection form for their child/ren. Additionally, the SRS contract conditions (listed on the back page of this form) must be read, understood and agreed to, by way of signature in the "Yes, I wish to join the 2020 SRS" section.    

The participation fee of $375 should be finalised before the first day of school in 2020.  Anyone who joins the scheme but fails to pay the full fee may be excluded from the SRS. 

Payment options

  • Bpoint is now available via:\payments\dete.  Bpoint is a secure online payment system. A customer reference number and invoice number are required for Bpoint. This information is located on the school invoice and statement and can also be obtained through QParents. 
  • Over the phone by calling 1300 631 073 (must have school invoice with CRN and invoice number).
  • Cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card are accepted at the student administration office Monday to Friday until 1:30pm. 
  • Direct payment of fees, via the Internet may also be established. Parents/guardians are asked to contact student administration on (07) 5457 8308. 
  • Centrepay is a free direct bill paying service available to parents/guardians who receive Centrelink payments, such as Family, Newstart and Abstudy.  Centrepay can make direct payments to Mountain Creek State High School to pay for school fees.  Should you wish to take advantage of this service, please contact student administration on (07) 5457 8308.    

Financial difficulties

Anyone experiencing financial difficulties may take advantage of paying the SRS fee by instalments, (as outlined in the Subject Selection form), or are asked to contact student administration on (07) 5457 8308. Payment plans can be arranged by either contacting (07) 5457 8308 or emailing: to request an application.  

An appointment can be made to see the business manager to discuss any further alternative arrangements if necessary by phoning (07) 5457 8308. 

No, I do not wish to join the SRS                                                     

Should parents/guardians choose not to join the SRS, the Subject Selection form is to be completed and the section "No, I do not wish to join the 2020 SRS" signed.  

A parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided to the student by the scheme as detailed on the year level requirements list and/or subject requirements list, to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.  

If eligible, the below Text and Resource Allowance (TRA) will be refunded to the parent/guardian:

  • Year 8 student:    $130
  • Year 9 student:    $130
  • Year 10 student:  $130
  • Year 11 student:  $281
  • Year 12 student:  $281

Additionally, Mountain Creek State High School will provide a comprehensive list of all textbooks and resources required to be purchased by parent/guardians, in lieu of joining the SRS.  The year level requirements list and/or subject requirements list and component costing will also assist a parent to calculate and substantiate an entitlement for schoolkids bonus.  

Non-participation families will then be invoiced for those materials that can only be supplied by the school eg. Photocopying, bus transport, art materials, and the textbook and resource allowance will be credited to the account. 

User pays and subject fees 

Subject fees 

Some subjects require students to use materials to fulfil assessment requirements.  For example, in Art, students produce paintings, in Design and Technology, students design and produce a number of workshop items. These projects become the personal property of students.  The subject fee is for the costs of materials used in producing these items.

User pays 

User pays are for external charges to the school, for example bus hire, admission costs, guest speakers and camp fees.  Where a third party charges the school for the activity a user pay fee is charged to the parent/guardian. User pays are to be balanced for each activity and a refund must be given if the amount calculated for the refund is over $10 per student (as per school refund policy, endorsed by the P & C Association).  


Bring your own device is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students and/or staff use their privately owned devices to access the departmental networks and information management systems in an educational setting. E.g. laptop computers.  Please see our website for specification requirements.

Payment due dates

Subject Fees

All subject fees will be invoiced in February 2020 once classes have been finalised.  Payment can be paid on either subject selection ECP (August Education Careers Planning day) or anytime before this.  Accounts receivable can receipt fees if parents wish to pay in advance and have a credit for fees on their account.  Once invoices are raised the credit will be off-set against these fees.  

Student resource scheme

SRS must be paid by the end of the first week of the school year.

Payment plans (approved by application or appointment with the school business manager. 


Last reviewed 05 February 2020
Last updated 05 February 2020