​​Instrumental Music

We offer tuition on all woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments.
Lessons are a minimum of 35 minutes once a week on a rotational basis and all students (once they have reached a the required minimum level) are involved in one or more of our ensembles. Ensemble rehearsals are once a week and are outside of normal school hours.

Ensembles include: Stage Band, Concert Band and String Ensemble. We will often also put together smaller groups ie. String Quartet or Saxophone Quartet as required.

Our ensembles perform at a variety of school events including ANZAC Day ceremonies, the International Baccalaureate Graduation evening, Leadership Induction ceremony, Awards Night and occasionally get invited to perform outside of the school environment. Our ensembles also have the chance to perform at our Music Gala evening and other showcase music nights held throughout the year.
We compete in the local Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod, Fanfare and other selected festivals throughout the year.

One of the most unique factors of the program is the equality created by music. It's not about your age or what year you are in; it's about you as a musician and your capabilities. The Music Block at Mountain Creek State High School is often referred to as a family in itself.

The Instrumental Music program is an important part of the school community. Not only do students have the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument, they also, through the ensemble rehearsals and performances, acquire social and leadership skills in a team based environment, learn to appreciate the importance of both individual practice and working together, plus develop a sense of belonging and community.

Instrumental Music teachers are Mrs Courtney Duncan (Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Teacher and Concert Band Director), Mr Calvin Hunter (Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Teacher and Stage Band Director) and Miss Rebecca Du (Strings Teacher and String Ensemble Director).                                                                                                                                 

Costs for the program include a $40 annual fee, and for those students hiring an instrument, it is $40 per instrument for the year. Entry into the Instrumental Music program is via nomination to the relevant Instrumental Music teacher (Music Block) or to IM Head of Department Miss Tarla Varney (Mudjimba Sub-School).

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In 2019 we introduced a Guitar, Bass and Ukulele program to Mountain Creek State High School. The program is similar to our Instrumental Music Program, however offers students the option of individual or group lessons. Lesson content is guided by student interest and is facilitated by Mr Andy Eastwood, Guitar Teacher.  Once students have reached the required standard, they may be invited to join one of our school rock bands.                                                                                                                                        
Costs for the program are $20 per group lesson and $35 per individual lesson. For more information, please contact IM Head of Department Miss Tarla Varney (Mudjimba Sub-School).

Rising Voices

We also offer a vocal ensemble for those students with an interest and skill in singing. This program involves weekly rehearsals outside normal school hours.
Students can expect to perform at various school functions and events such as ANZAC Day ceremonies, the International Baccalaureate graduation, Leadership Induction ceremony, Awards Night and will also occasionally be invited to perform outside of the school environment. For more information, please contact Ms Carly Cook (Bribie Sub-School).

Last reviewed 02 November 2021
Last updated 02 November 2021